Chakra : Root : Healing

Start healing my beautiful souls. I love you.


Today I am present in my body. I am divine energy, protected by spirit and secure within nature. I release fear and gain trust in the process of life. I am grounded, centered and fully present. I am worthy. I belong.

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Red Apples | Cherries | Red Peppers | Red Onions | Red Grapes | Beets | Radishes | Red Potatoes | Raspberries | Pomegranates | Watermelon | Tomatoes | Strawberries | Cranberries

Self Care:

Physical activity | yoga | massage | connecting with nature | love more | be courage


Decorate with shades of red| wear red clothing or jewelry


Bloodstone | Red Jasper | Garnet | Black Tourmaline | Hematite | Smokey Quartz | Shungite | Carnelian

I usually carry around my crystals that contain at least one stone of all the chakras.

Essential Oils:

Cedar wood | Cypress | Sandal wood | Patchouli | White fir | Myrrh

Place some oil on your wrists and behind your ears. Smell it. When I light up my tea light candle, I usually add a few drops of the oil to it, so the essence can fill the room.

Trust the goodness of life.


Chakra : Root : Blocked

Forgive people in your life, even those who are not sorry for their actions. Holding on to anger only hurts you not them.

Be forgiving. Be understanding. But do not allow yourself to be fooled.

Excessive/Overactive energy: bossy, domineering, greedy, violent, aggressive, sexual neuroses, dominating egotism

Deficient/Under-active energy: unloved, frustrated, fearful, lack of confidence, low will power, lack of interest in sex, lack of grounding

Physical: lower back pain, pain in the lower body – feet, legs

Emotional: low self esteem, laziness, fear, insecurity

Balanced: Grounded, sense of belonging, independent, trusting of others, in touch with joyful emotions


Chakra : Root

The Root Chakra (1st) is linked to our bodies through the spine, bladder, kidneys, reproductive organs and feet. Located within the aura, near the perineum; is associated with the endocrine glands of the sexual organs, channeling energies into our reproductive system. It is closely connected with the Earth Star Chakra.

Color: Red

Crystal/Mineral: Ruby, garnet, hematite

Essential oils: patchouli or myrrh to balance; cedar wood to cleanse.

Celestial Body: Earth, Saturn

Element: Earth

Incense: Cedar

Yoga poses: Virabhadrasana 1 (warrior), Trikonasana (triangle), knee to chest, bridge pose, half/full locust, head-to-knee pose


“I seek balance and harmony in my life.”

“I am safe.”