Chakra : Sacral : Healing

As mujeres, we hold a lot of our emotions and feelings in. We are constantly reminded to be strong and not show weakness. As a result, we move through without the ability to express how we really feel. Showing emotion is not a form a weakness, it’s a form of strength and self love.

Start healing my beautiful beings.


Seeds | Nuts | Oranges | Carrots | Melon | Mangos | Peaches | Apricots | Sweet Potatoes | Pumpkins | Tangerines | Honey

Self Care:

Take a bath | express emotions | forgive (yourself, others)| let go | spend time by water (ocean, lakes) | dance | have a spa day | do a creative project | get a massage | do yoga | meditate | walk in nature | read a book


Decorate with shades of orange | wear orange clothing or jewelry


Citrine | Moonstone | Carnelian | Sunstone | Tangerine Quartz | Amber

I usually carry around my crystals that contain at least one stone of all the chakras, but you can wear them also. There are bracelets and necklaces available, just make sure it is a true stone. Sometimes I place the stone that speaks to me that day in my bra. My brother usually carries his in his pocket.

Essential Oils:

Clary Sage | Lemongrass | Patchouli | Ylang Ylang | Cinnamon Bark | Tangerine | Cypress | Wild Orange | Black Pepper

Place some oil on your wrists and behind your ears. Smell it. When I light up my tea light candle, I usually add a few drops of the oil to it, so the essence can fill the room.

Love yourself fiercely and own your power!


Healing : Around the sun

As I sit here, close to the another revolution around the sun, I am grateful. Grateful for my family, my friends and everyone who has been part of my life’s journey.

I have no regrets for the mistakes as they are lessons. I have learned to live my life with less judgement, against myself and others. Although my judgment and words never meant any harm, they were more harmful to my soul. I’ve been reading books that have really opened me up to another path. I am excited for this next year. I will be starting my new year with more compassion and A LOT more LOVE.

This birthday I decided to be around the music that my brother loved – Mariachi. I realized I suck at it. But I’m getting back to my roots. I do love it. And I know the more I listen, the more he will surround me.

My birthday wish is that this whole planet starts loving more. Love yourselves, be grateful, live your truth and passion.