Lunar : New Moon in Libra : Oct 8, 2018

New Moon Time: 8:46 PM  PST (Los Angeles)

A few months ago I started my new moon and full moon practice. The new moon is an opportunity for new beginnings. A time to embrace all the change that is coming into your life.

When the new moon is in Libra it’s an opportunity to establish balance and peace within yourselves.

Be grateful. Take a moment to feel the gratitude for all that is good in your life. If you are going through some challenges – send it love: “I love you”, “Thank you”.

At the time of the new moon, I like to write down my intentions. This month my intentions is to look at every interaction with love – send it love, love love. Very simple. I will then burn some sage, listen to some soothing music and meditate – I’m surrendering to the divine.



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