Chakra : Root : Healing

Start healing my beautiful souls. I love you.


Today I am present in my body. I am divine energy, protected by spirit and secure within nature. I release fear and gain trust in the process of life. I am grounded, centered and fully present. I am worthy. I belong.

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Red Apples | Cherries | Red Peppers | Red Onions | Red Grapes | Beets | Radishes | Red Potatoes | Raspberries | Pomegranates | Watermelon | Tomatoes | Strawberries | Cranberries

Self Care:

Physical activity | yoga | massage | connecting with nature | love more | be courage


Decorate with shades of red| wear red clothing or jewelry


Bloodstone | Red Jasper | Garnet | Black Tourmaline | Hematite | Smokey Quartz | Shungite | Carnelian

I usually carry around my crystals that contain at least one stone of all the chakras.

Essential Oils:

Cedar wood | Cypress | Sandal wood | Patchouli | White fir | Myrrh

Place some oil on your wrists and behind your ears. Smell it. When I light up my tea light candle, I usually add a few drops of the oil to it, so the essence can fill the room.

Trust the goodness of life.


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