Chakra : Root

The Root Chakra (1st) is linked to our bodies through the spine, bladder, kidneys, reproductive organs and feet. Located within the aura, near the perineum; is associated with the endocrine glands of the sexual organs, channeling energies into our reproductive system. It is closely connected with the Earth Star Chakra.

Color: Red

Crystal/Mineral: Ruby, garnet, hematite

Essential oils: patchouli or myrrh to balance; cedar wood to cleanse.

Celestial Body: Earth, Saturn

Element: Earth

Incense: Cedar

Yoga poses: Virabhadrasana 1 (warrior), Trikonasana (triangle), knee to chest, bridge pose, half/full locust, head-to-knee pose


“I seek balance and harmony in my life.”

“I am safe.”


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